Discounts Count in Large Amounts

Discounts count in large amountsMy Group-addicti-on

I am a Groupo-holic. It has been 3 days since my last Living Social purchase. Yes, I admit it, I am addicted to buying from discount voucher sites. Each morning I eagerly turn to my phone to see what delights are on offer that day – lypo-suction, ski lessons, subscriptions to golf magazines – all things I never knew I wanted or needed until they were offered to me at 70% off!

You see I just love a bargain and, having signed up to all the discount sites – Groupon, Living Social, Wowcher etc, I would merrily snap up these-limited-time-only offers; all the while congratulating myself on how much money I was ‘saving’ on stuff that would definitely come in useful at some point.

For quite a while I told myself I didn’t have a problem – I was in control, I could give up any time I wanted… or so I thought. I started to question myself; did I really need solar powered fairy lights for the garden? Did I really have a burning desire to make my own chocolates?

It was worse than that, I started to accumulate ‘bargains’ that I didn’t even use – decorative wall stickers still in their tube, a house clean still unclaimed (mainly due to shame, but that’s another blog entirely!). I had to stop using meal vouchers because my husband started moaning that we only ever went anywhere that was listed on Groupon (true). My activities were determined by the expiry dates on past vouchers bought (we had to go on an ‘emergency day out’ to a children’s play area last week, and rope a friend in, to use a voucher up before it self-destructed!). I ordered a hands free car kit and didn’t notice that it took 4 months to come (what a nice surprise though when it arrived out of the blue!).

I even signed up to lists outside the area with a view to finding some great deals for me and my friends living elsewhere in the UK. I would gaze longingly at Zumba classes in Birmingham and massages in Cardiff (somewhat of a commute from West Yorkshire).

It was out of control. I may have got 70% off but it was 70% off a load of old useless stuff that I didn’t really need. Well I didn’t really really need it (though the spa breaks were fabulous!).

Remember of course that addiction is an illness – don’t judge me!! I have now accepted that I have a problem and I think that’s an important first step. I will no longer have my head turned by teeth whitening, TEFL courses or boudoir photo shoots. I have cancelled my subscription to *most* e-mail updates (every day a step further) and I have stopped buying things unless they are absolute necessities. Things like spa breaks and cocktails. What?…

3 thoughts on “Discounts Count in Large Amounts

  1. i am that friend, dragged in, I loved it, shame they didn’t offer sat nav, I cant walk this evening due to our tour of York in the worng direction….and I had heels on

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