The Mother of All Invention

Mothers inventingThey say that necessity is the mother of all invention, well I say that mothers are the necessity of all invention. Well some of it anyway!

Because mums usually are the ‘sorters’ in the family; sorting out everyone’s issues and generally getting things done; they come up with tons of ideas that would make their lives easier. Some make a business from it, the majority of us simply share our brilliant ideas with other mums on the school run and they go no further. I have lots of ideas and I’m very much hoping that manufacturers searching for the next big thing will read this blog, put my ideas into production and make me a fortune. Anyone?…

One of the most common excuses for being ‘out’ on Dragon’s Den is that people have come up with a solution for which there isn’t actually a problem. Well not here Grumpy Bannatyne or Fiddly Finger Meadon; these ‘brilliant’ ideas are all borne from real genuine bono fodo problems, oh yes. Wanna hear ‘em?

The Sleep Strap

Have you ever been on a long car journey (or flight) when you just want to get a bit of sleep yet every time you drop off you are not only rudely awoken but you risk serious whiplash from your head flopping forward at a rate of knots? The solution is the Sleep Strap; a simple strap with a Velcro fastening that secures your head to the head rest behind you. I’m seeing it come with an optional flip down mask that disguises the less-than-attractive mouth gaping, dribbling sleep face.

Tena Babies

When children are potty training, at the stage when they start to get it but can’t quite make it to the toilet in time they need more than knickers but less than nappies. The answer? Tena Babies! Toddler panty liners that sit in their underwear, ready to soak up any of those pesky dribbles; saving on washing, ruined sofas and embarrassing episodes in supermarkets.

The Washing Brolly

How frustrating is it to hang your washing out only for it to rain. Do you run and bring it all in only for it to clear up or do you risk it and then it tips it down? The Washing Brolly is a retractable hood that sits above a rotary drier and can be popped out in an instant to protect the clothes from the elements. Options would range from a basic manual model to a premium product that has its own rain sensor and can be operated remotely from a smart phone. I’m sure that’s technologically viable.

The Pram Pusher Protector

Walking with a pram or buggy in the rain is no fun. Both hands are required so umbrella holding is out of the question and they often end up frozen in a handle bar claw from the cold. Haven’t you ever looked at your child in the buggy all snuggled up under a foot muff and rain cover while you battle on and thought how much you’d like to get in there with them? Well this is the next best thing! It’s a cover that goes over the front of the pram/buggy but then extends to completely cover the pusher too! I see a clear plastic rain cover that goes over the head and a furry section for over the hands. It may need some kind of wiper system for the face area to aid visibility so further product development is probably required.

All amazing products that would make any mum’s life so much easier I’m sure you will agree. I expect James Dyson or Alan Sugar will be fighting over them shortly, and I’m prepared to give them a 20% stake in my company. I’d even license them out to JML or Betterware; for the right investment of course.

I’ll just sit here, secured by my prototype Sleep Strap (in case I nod off), and wait for the phone to ring.

Any time now.

Any time.

Think my phone may be broken…

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