Who needs ‘electronic’ when you have ‘elastic’?

Cats cradle game

My daughter recently took part in a skipping workshop at school. When I asked her how it went she said they did something really good but, in her words, “you won’t understand it Mummy”.

“Try me” I ventured.

She then went on to describe how you had to stretch elastic round the ankles of 2 people and jump in and out while singing ‘England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales…’.

Understand it? I spent half my formative years playing it! I think the proper name is cat’s cradle (though I always associate that with tying my fingers in knots with string that was never long enough) but we always just called it ‘elastic’.

Despite her lack of faith in me being able to comprehend this none-too-complicated concept I am nonetheless pleased that she and her friends have enjoyed such a simple game and one that does not involve staring at any kind of screen. I can’t wait to show her the one where you put a tennis ball in the toes of an old pair of tights (preferably American tan ones) and stand against a wall while bouncing it around yourself and occasionally risking a black eye or getting shouted at by your mum because she (over dramatically) said it sounded like ‘the house is falling down’, “put the ipad down love, I’ve got something to show you…”

3 thoughts on “Who needs ‘electronic’ when you have ‘elastic’?

  1. Ah! You take me back to the playground! I used to love ‘elastics’ and also that tennis ball in a sock game and yes, my mum was rather dramatic too “You’ll take someone’s eye out with that” and “It sounds like a herd of elephants”. I’ll have to see if I can get my kids interested in that one!

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