Spoiler Alert

Spoiler alertMe: “Did you watch ‘TV series X’* when it was on? My friend said it was really good.”

My mum: “Ooh yes, it was really good. He gets away with it.”

Me: “Thanks for completely spoiling it then mum.”

Mum: “Well it’s already been on.”

Me: “But I was thinking of watching it on catch up.”

Mum: “Oh. But I didn’t tell you HOW he got away with it.”  (back peddling) “And they’re making a new series. You could watch that.”

Me: “Thanks.”

If anyone else fancies a TV show but wants to save themselves the bother of actually wading through the box set, just ask my mum; the woman who gave me series 1 of Homeland and said “they had turned him.” (I never bothered watching it after that)

She has saved me so much time.


* The name of said series has been has been changed to protect the innocents who still have the chance to watch it

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