Potty Mouth

Potty mouth

Let me premise this post by stating categorically that I do not condone swearing in front of children. It’s not acceptable, really it isn’t. Sadly however, in reality, $*!t happens (sorry).

Recently, my husband had done something that he wasn’t too happy with; no major drama, just something that hadn’t gone right. It prompted the frustration-fuelled statement “I’m *peed* off with that” [insert uncensored director’s cut version of this word]. Unfortunately my 8 year old daughter was sat at the table, quietly drawing: “what’s *peed* off Daddy?”

Cue back peddling: “sorry sweetheart, that was a naughty word and I shouldn’t have said it. I just meant I was annoyed, don’t listen to me.”

“OK Dad” resumed drawing.

A short while later I was peeling potatoes that were proving to be particularly slippy little fu.. rascals, dropping them on the floor several times, eventually causing me to spit out the expletive “fr!**!%g hell” [note in my defence it was a F word, but not the F word; in the general scheme of potty mouth, not as bad as it could have been]. At which point the voice of a forgotten child quietly and extremely drily ventured:

“I suppose I shouldn’t listen to that word either?”

“Good idea sweetheart, now let’s speak no more about this.”

Parents 0, child 1

3 thoughts on “Potty Mouth

  1. Hilarious! You trucker! However I have too said my fair share of choice words in front of the kids. I have to back pedal and say “Mummy shouldn’t have said that” so they know it’s naughty. Sometimes it just slips out!

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